Thursday, 28 February 2013

Show not tell

I was sweaty, my head was burning, I felt weak and my throat started to hurt. Water I need water, my heart started to erupt I felt like I was being cooked in the oven,  steaming like lava. My face looked like steaming red flames.


  1. Hi Sapphire!
    You have a great show not tell story. I loved all the words you used Especially "Steaming like lava" I hope you will write another show not tell story in the future.

  2. Hello Sapphire
    I read your writing about show not tell it is really cool. I liked how you put in interesting words.I hope you write some more about something like that.From Sarona

    1. Thank you sarona i like your show not tell to

  3. Hi Sapphire!
    I like your show not tell and i hope you do more show not tell.
    You are really good at it!


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