Friday, 22 March 2013

My friend Helen and Mya

Hi my name is Sapphire Mckay and i’m going to tell you about my best friend Helen Tuakeu

My best friend Helen Tuakeu
she has curly short black hair her eyes look like jewels when the sun sparkles on her eyes her eyes are brown she has long eyelashes.

she is a type of person who is kind and a person who try’s to protect people
she likes to draw and play on the internet.

My friend Mya Nafoi

My friends name is Mya Nafoi and she has long black curly hair she has beautiful brown eyes she is tall like a giraffe she is a nice and kind person she likes to play on the internet she likes listening to  kpop music i like to talk to her and play with her.


  1. Hi Sapphire!
    I love your story because your describing is amazing! I'll be waiting until your next post!

  2. Hi Sapphire
    I love your story because you described lots of instrsting things about Helen and Mya great work


  3. Hi Sapphire I like your friends Mya And Helen They are very cool.


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