Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sapphire Empathy Explantion

Imagine the world without empathy there would be war and nobody in the world will be safe. People will worry about what tomorrow or the next day would be like.

How you could show Empathy!!!
-Be nice to others
-Put yourself in someones shoes
-Don’t fight
-Show respect
-Encourage people
-use your manners
-Help people out
-Say kind words

Why is it important to show Empathy!!!
There are many reasons why it is important to show empathy, It is important because without empathy there would be war the world would never be peaceful. Children will cry everyday and might even suffer.

Empathy is feeling what others are feeling for an example someones nana died and your nana died as well then you both just went through the same thing. It is the ability to understand or to share the same feeling with others.

Think about yourself think of all the things that you have that other people don’t have, Think of those kids who have nothing imagine what there been through  

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