Friday, 6 September 2013

The Story Of The Bombing Of The Rainbow Warrior

The tragedy of the bombing of the rainbow warrior

It was Midnight on July 10th 1925.  2 suspicious men in scuba gear were motoring on a zodiac towards the Rainbow Warrior yacht. On-board there were loads of people partying hard celebrating the 29th birthday of the director of the anti-nuclear movement.

Little did they know these  2 men were spies. Without anybody noticing they swam under the rainbow warrior yacht and attached 2 limpet bombs onto the bottom of the yacht, Pete Will-cox went into the basement  to get more beers for the party while he was getting the beers he had found a hole with water coming in.

He had thought that another ship had hit their boat water was gushing in. he started to investigate  “Abandon ship Abandon ship!”, Everyone  finishing their last beer, Suddenly everybody was pushing and shoving everyone was off the boat except for the  Photographer He stayed on the boat and quickly grabbed all of his gear that  he needed before he got of the yacht.

4 Minutes later the director was just going to get of the yacht, Suddenly the boat Exploded BOOM!!!, Sadly Fernando Pereira had died. The next day everyone that partied last night had remembered all the memories that they had with him.Quite soon after the bombing the NZ president had found the 2 spies that caused the accident.  2 Days later the french government complained to the NZ president if he could have his men back and said if that he could throw them in there french jail for 10 years he had promised. The NZ president had agreed and gave them to the french government but they only stayed in jail for 2 years.

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