Friday, 30 May 2014

Samoan Language Week

Monday was an exciting day for the Samoan group because this week was all about Samoan Language week. The PES Samoan represented Pt England and performed in front of the school. I almost forgot I was in the Samoan group too, There were special guests who were coming to watch but the one we really wanted to impress was Sam Lotu Iiga. He was the special guest he was the guest we really wanted to impress.

This is the moment we all had been waiting for, My heart was thumping with fear, it felt like blood was gushing out of my body. Eden had said her cultural speech and it was time for us to shine.

We finished our performance all I could hear was cheering and clapping, I walked down the stage with confidence It was the Tamaki college samoan groups turn to do their performance. it was really long but interesting they had good harmonizes they were better than before and ever.

When the assembly finished we got to eat 3 things from the table. I had a pizza bread and a banana milkshake. After we ate I was full as a hippo I couldn't eat anymore. We changed back into our uniforms but left the lipstick on our checks. We went back to class and sat down. My best friend Mya had said now I feel like a true Samoan. Me too I whispered back to her even though i’m Maori.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Bring Back Our Girls

Young woman who aren't even over the age of 18 get kidnapped from their families in Nigeria.They were kidnapped by a group called Boko Haram over 250 girls have been kidnapped he had been using them as slaves last month.

There leaders name is Abubakar Shekau he recorded a video of him saying “I abducted your girls and I will sell them in the marketplace” “Allahu Akbar or God is great”

an extraordinary amount of special people have done and tried many things to help such as Michelle Obama,Anne Hathaway and many more. Mothers have been praying day and night hoping for their daughters to come back.        

Monday, 19 May 2014

David Dallas

Auckland's favorite hip hop artist David Dallas  is Samoan/Nz European, He was born 1982 August 28th, He has 2 brothers that he likes to sing with he is 31 years old he has many amazing songs such as runnin.

David Dallas Won the 10th annual vodafone pacific music awards he took home three top awards from his third album Falling into place.
His brothers Pene and Amitai Pati and their cousin Moses Mackay, won the Best Pacific Group award.

I think David Dallas is an amazing singer and a good role model just like Lorde also he supports me to always strive to succeed and to follow my dreams.


Hope,Mya and Sapphire also Javana

This is a movie we made I hope you enjoy

Thursday, 15 May 2014

What is Echolocation

Echolocation is used by Marine mammals such as whales,bats,dolphins and also blind people, They use this to communicate and to know there is an object around them or in front,They use their ears to do this.

How do marine mammals use echolocation?
Most marine mammals emit sound waves, so the sound waves can ricochet off an object. for survival they use echolocation which is also good for finding food. they also communicate with things in the distance by using echolocation just like some blind humans who make certain clicks with their mouths to know their is something in the way just like Ben Underwood.

How does Ben use echolocation?
Ben Underwood can see without eyes he is an 15 yr old teenager, When Ben was 2 yrs old he had a bad type of eye cancer at the age of 3 his mum had to make a tough decision the options were let the cancer spread or to remove his eyes so she made that decision and that was to remove his eyes.

Several years later he had an unbelievable talent he learnt how to use echolocation but how he used echolocation was different from animals he loved to play on his roller blades and play basketball if their was an object in the way he would click with his mouth to know their is something in the way.  

Nectar Eating Bats And Mecuna Flowers