Thursday, 14 March 2013

The day i nearly drowned

One beautiful day me and my family went to a deep river up north my cousin and my auntie went deep into the shimmering water my mum told me to stay in the shallow part but I didnt listen and went into the deep part I suddenly felt that i was sinking I was drowning i tried to touch the bottom but i started to cough and splutter. Ahh help me I’m drowning my auntie swam fast my mum started to cry my auntie saved me I started to faint I could see my auntie she put her hands on my chest to give me more air. I open my eye’s and i hugged my auntie i was hugging her so hard she could’nt breath after that we all ate a magnificent burger we rested and went back into the river and you know what happened next I did it again .I tarted to drown my mum cried my auntie saved me we ate this time I know that I should wait for my auntie to teach me how to swim.


  1. HI Sapphire
    Great post but make sure to let someone else read your writing before you post but awesome writing great work keep it up


    1. Ok Chloe thanks for commenting on my blog

    2. Hi porscha your right someone should proof read my story before posting it on my blog thanks anyway.

  2. Hey Sapphire,

    Porscha here, I really like how you explained the whole thing again. But maybe proofread before you post. Other then that AWESOME WORK!!!


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