Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I heard a whisper but know one was there

      I heard a whisper but know one was there

  •        Planning:the story is set in the spooky dark forest
  •       He try’s to find out who was whispering his name
  •      he saying who is the one who keeps on saying his name
  •       the problem is that someone is saying his name
  •              he is thinking what he is going to do
  •                        his parents go missing
  •                 camping, he was in a deep sleep,I the brother and sister had pranked her
  • halloween
  •                  he had just come back from school  


I heard a whisper but know one was there

Exhausted my legs were so sore I thought it was going to snap finally I was home

‘’home sweet home’’ I shouted with enthusiasm. Straight to the bathroom to get changed for the most exciting day of my life halloween!!! I was ready to trick or treat I was a little dead girl. I grabbed my bag and headed out the door, Knocking and knocking was so much fun especially getting  the candy I had a sack full of candy. When I was going home

I heard a voice someone was calling my name sally  with a soft whisper  as I turned around know one was there so I sprinted home. I spreaded all the candy and sweets onto my bed I made an angel shape in the lollies when I heard my mother shouting hurry up get your stuff ready for camp I packed my bag and I was ready to go. Still in my costume I fell asleep in the car we were finally there I got my tent set up I was just about to go to sleep Then I heard the voice again this time I was scared and frightened.Not long after the voice I had heard I went to see who was out there somebody pushed me out of my tent and locked it.Tired and exhausted, I had  heard the voice again and the voice said

‘’I have taken you mother and father’’  the voice said with a gentle voice ‘’what do you want who are you’’ I am the little dead girl when I heard that she was the little dead girl she didn't believe her so the little dead girl started to glow Ahhh!!! she screamed with terror that she started to cry when suddenly all you heard was laughing sally stood up with bravery and then saw It was her family  who had trick her ‘’trick  or treat ‘’happy halloween’’ they said as they were laughing. We went home everybody in my family watched the movie that made me embarrassed.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Lorde The NZ Singer


Lorde is the 17  kiwi star singer who’s number 1 hit royals jumped past Katy Perry roar and Miley cyrus wrecking ball in the U.S Lorde was born in auckland 1996 her real name is Ella Maria Lani Yelichi o connor Lorde is the youngest solo artist in the world she made number 1 on the U.S chart lorde is a year 12 student at Takapuna grammar school on Auckland’s North Shore she released her first album the love club in december 2012 winning millions of fans lorde’s first single  was royals

she is a great singer
she always smiles and has character she is my favorite artist in NZ
She inspires me.
She is a mature young lady unlike the others

Monday, 4 November 2013

T.M.S Show Not Tell

She stared at the blue envelope, resting in her hand “Another letter, number 22”, she said in a nice voice. As she stumbled on the cracked concrete, she looked up at the house and noticed paint fading, broken tiles, cracked windows, cobwebs everywhere and a whole lot of dead flowers in the garden. I knocked on the door and gulped.

After a while it was slowly opened by an old man with a walking stick, and a long white beard. I reached out and handed the note to him without saying a word. He stared at the letter and looked surprised. “Follow me”, he said in a calm voice. As we walked down the hallway it was dark. and spooky.

My First day of primary


Today was the day my heart pounded as loud as the booming bass in a rock band!!! It was such a cold and freezing day that I had goosebumps. I was getting ready when suddenly I  heard my mother knocking on my door. ‘’Hurry up Sapphire we are all waiting,” she shouted.

As I hopped into the car “Click,” went my seat belt.  When I got to school the 8:30 bell had just rung. As we went to the office,I noticed that the office lady was wearing a dress with white kittens on it. ‘’Hello. Welcome to Dominion Road School how may I help you.’’ she said with a gentle voice.

“What class is Sapphire McKay in please?” my Mum asked.

‘’Room 5,’’ she replied

“Thank you,” my Mum said. “Have a nice day.” We went off to look for my class.

Finally we found my class. My legs were so sore it felt like I had just climbed Mt Everest.Frightened and scared as I tugged at my mum’s dress I thought to myself, “ I wonder what my class is going to be like?” My mum left  and I felt abandoned so I hid behind the wall. I could hear my teacher yelling at children just as I was going to walk in. I felt even more frightened. I was just about to run after Mum when  I heard a lady asking for me. ‘’Sorry wrong classroom Sapphire, it was my fault,” she said. “You are in room 6’’.

She walked me to my proper class. As I walked in my classroom it peaceful and quiet I felt like I was in heaven that was the

’’bestest day of my life’’

I said as I was walking home I cant wait until I go back to school.