Thursday, 31 July 2014


My question is "how many sticks would I need for 20 fish?"
The answer= 122

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

William Wallace and The Commonwealth Games

William Wallace
Born 1270 Elderslie,United kingdom, William Wallace is a legend in Scotland he was a Scottish landowner who became one of the main leaders during the wars of Scottish independence.

When Wallace was growing up, King Alexander the 3rd ruled Scotland, He wanted peace in his land sadly he couldn't fulfill that dream because he had died he died by falling off his horse.

William Was appointed Guardian of Scotland until he lost a battle of falkirk in July 1928, In August 1305 he was captured in Robroyston near Glasgow and handed him to king Edward 1 of England, Killed him in a horrible way.

Since his death, He has a ionic status far beyond his homeland,A epic poem was written about him written by Blind Harry.

William Wallace Died August 23, 1305, Smithfield,London,United his sibling was John Wallas,Malcolm Wallace.

Questions about Commonwealth

1. What were the first team sports played at the Commonwealth games?
A:Australia,Canada,England,New Zealand, Scotland and Wales.

2.What is the Commonwealth Games motto?
A:Humanity,Quality and Destiny.

3.Who is the patron saint of Scotland?
A:Saint Andrew

4.Who are these famous scots?

-Robert the Bruce
-Robert Burns
-William Wallace

My Holiday 2014

My eyes were half open I was still half asleep I could see a little sun shine, Through the crack of my window, My brother came in and sat on me it felt like I was going to suffocate thankfully I didn't.

I dragged myself to the table my mum was making pancakes, She put a stack of delicious pancakes on my plate and then gave me some hot chocolate, I then grabbed the bottle of whipped cream sprayed it all over I also put maple syrup on top too.

When I was finished I felt like a enormous hippo I had to rush to my room to get changed because I had just remembered it was my cousins birthday today while I was putting a hoodie on I tripped over my shoes and my face fell flat onto the ground.

I wasn't even ready but my mum had started the car “Hurry Up before I leave you at home so that you could give your Nana some company,” As I thought of my Nana the only thing I could think of was knitting with my her, In that moment chills went down my spine “Okay Mum I’ll be there right away.

When we got there we put the delicious and cool present on the table we were so happy that we were out of the heat it was like south Africa but worst, Then my whole family finally arrived we sang happy birthday to my cousin Lucas who was turning 3 yrs old. We cut his cake it was a chocolate cheesecake my aunt brought it from the cheesecake shop.

We then ate we had a barbecue and we also had other foods too, It was time for dessert when we were finished it was time for cake, My cousin
went straight into the cake he stuffed food into his mouth it was like he was a eating machine,Food was gushing out as he was eating.

It was time to go home sadly we walked to the car when we got home it was really late we yawned and stayed up even more later we were up playing games and also watching movies on the computer and laptop.

Commonwealth Games Questions

1.The first games were held in 1930 where they held and what was it called?
A:Hamilton,Canada, British Empire Games.✓

2.Why have the common wealth games known as ‘The friendly games’?
A:Because the commonwealth games is the only international games which share a common language (English).

3.How many times has scotland hosted the games?

4.What are ten core sports of the commonwealth games?
A:Field Hockey, Lawn bowls, Squash, Aquatics,Weightlifting.

5.What are the seven selected sports in Glasgow
A:Cycling,Gymnastics,Judo,Shooting,Table Tennis,Triathlon and Weightlifting..

6.What country has won the most medals at commonwealth?

7.What country has been in the top two countries for all?
A: England.

8.List the commonwealth games mascots.
A.Clyde the thistle man-Glasgow,Shera a royal bengal tiger-Deli, Karak a south eastern red tail black cockatoo-Melbourne,Kit a cat-Manchester,Wira the orang utan-Kuala Lumpur,Klee wyck an orca (Killer Whale)- Victoria, Goldie the kiwi bird-Auckland,Mac a black Scottie dog-Edinburgh,Matilda the kangaroo-Brisbane,Keyano a swan hills grizzly bear-Edmonton.

The Commonwealth Games 2014

1.In what year was the commonwealth held?

2.What does CGF stand for?
a)Games of the Commonwealth Federation
b)Commonwealth Group Federation
c)Commonwealth Games Federation
d)Countries of the Commonwealth Federation

3.True or False?
Australia,Canada, England, New Zealand and Scotland are the only nations to have attended every Commonwealth games?

4.What were the Commonwealth Games First Called?
a)British Commonwealth Games
b)British Empire and Commonwealth Games
c)British Commonwealth and Empire Games
d)British Empire Games

5.What is the minimum number of core sports the host city must choose?

6.How many para-sport events will there be in Glasgow?

7.In what years were the Commonwealth Games not held?
a)1930 and 1932
b)1942 and 1946
c)1954 and 1966
d)1970 and 1974

8.What are the Commonwealth Games Known as?
a)The Friendship Games
b)The Sporty Games
c)The Happy Games
d)The friendly Games

9.How Many medal events will there be in Glasgow?

10.The Commonwealth Games are Similar to What other international, multi sport?
a)Rugby World Cup
b)World Cup
d)World Series

Friday, 4 July 2014

Matariki New Year

What is Matariki what's so important about this occasion, Are you asking all these questions well that's why i'm here today to answer all of your questions.

What is matariki?

Matariki, The Maori New year is a traditional ting to New Zealand, Matariki is the maori name for the group of seven stars known as the Pleiades star cluster.
Matariki appears in the eastern sky sometime around the shortest day of the year.

What does it mean?
This special occasions has two meanings, Matariki-Tiny eyes, And Matariki means eyes of god.

What is Matariki all about?
This is all about getting together with your whanau meeting other people also from different countries teaching them our culture and representing New Zealand.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sapphire Instrument Making

Sapphire Drums:


tape,Tins and a pencil.

1. First you get an tin such as the fruit salad tins.

2.Then you tape the top of the tin then you make sure its on tight

3. Then grab your pencil and tape the pencil make a ball out of tape then tape the ball to the pencil.

4.Then enjoy drumming on your homemade instrument.

Explanation; Drums work when you hit the top of the drum with the drumstick this causes the head of the drum to vibrate, Then the vibration passes through the air hole which causes the drum to be louder.