Monday, 25 August 2014

Sarah Potts

Sarah Potts is the most loved female on Shortland Street she has been on this show since 14th September 2004,Her real name is Amanda Billing, She finished acting on this show on the 20th of August 2014.Before she stopped acting in this show her character Sarah died.

In this programme Sarah had a lot of diseases she past away by a horrible virus that could kill everyone in Shortland Street,Before she passed away she found a cure and had risked also she had sacrificed herself for others who were dying of sickness.  

Ava Eriksson another actor of Shortland Street caused this virus with her a drug she made and sold to people named extract seven.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Diver explanation

The diver was balanced with concentration, focus and steady with accuracy ready to jump off.

Tiptoeing to the edge of the diving board the diver balanced with confidence, the audience were all anticipated waiting her to dive.

The magnificent diver balanced steady with determination she then jumps off with plenty of twists and turns and somersaults.

breathing in and out calmly the diver balanced on the platform with peace she dives down into the water with a minimal splash.
The diver was shaking with nerves as she climbed the ladder to the top of the platform, She started to balance with concentration, focused and steady. ready to jump off. The audience were all anticipated waiting for the diver to dive, with confidence and her body taut she dived into the water with a minimum splash With a lot of accuracy

Diving is an international sport in the Olympics, diving has been part of the Olympics since 1904, Diving includes Acrobatics skills and diving skills, This is a well recognized sport, The way to get points you will need a lot of flexibility and  flips they make sure that there body is taut.
When the divers jump off the platform they twist, turn and do somersaults. The more flips they do above the water, the more points they will get, and if you dive in the water with a minimal splash. Your toes have to be pointed straight and your feet need to be touching.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Ki O Rahi Complex Sentences

1.With an amazing amount of skill the player hit Te tupu and scored

2.The player hit Te tupu with a lot of accuracy and scored a point

3.The player clutched the ball tight into his hand and and with a powerful tackle he scored

Concentrated and steady the whistle blows, Off they go speeding like a cheetah he clutched the ball tight into his hands with a lot of accuracy he threw the ball the other team hit the ball away from the Te tupu in the center, Then the same person picked the ball up his teammates tackled the people who tried to tackle their team mate with amazing amount of skill he locked in his target and through the ball it hit Te tupu his team celebrated they have won.  

Friday, 1 August 2014

Drumming at assembly

I yawned as I was sprinting to school, When I got to class I was gasping for breath puffing and panting I had made it just in time in that moment I heard the bell ring as Ms Tito was saying the roll I had put my bag down in my classroom we were in class 3 because our teacher was taking literacy, “Good morning Sapphire Miss Tito whispered with a polite smile “Morning Ms Tito I replied back.

After she had said the role we had to line up in a order of boy girl boy girl for shot bee gees, While we walked through the hall door we were surrounded by music as we sat down, more classes were coming in finally the assembly had started the music died down then we said the karakia we all stood up with respect and honor when the New Zealand National anthem had started again music had filled the air.

As soon as the national anthem finished we all sat down as we finished all of the Duffy certificates it was time for the selfie competition I thought Mr sommerville should win but there were still more entries for next week.

Finally it was that moment we all had been waiting for it was time to hear some drumming there were different types of drums on the stage as the performers walked on we all clapped and cheered excited the chills went down our spines, There was a group of performer and another who was drumming by himself like a man.

He started of slowly then he was swiftly banging the drums with his drum sticks he was making a rhythmic beat it was awesome!!, After he had finished everyone was amazed by the talent he had, It was time for the cook island group they were cook Island as the picked up their drums I could already imagine their music playing.

They firstly started of with a slow beat then it went faster hey had blew my mind I have never seen people play drums this good, When they were finished I was so amazed that they had blew my mind when the assembly was finished I was so amazed that it felt like I was getting a electric shock, we walked back to class with enthusiasm we then started to do some work.