Thursday, 11 April 2013

Year 7 and 8 camp

Intro:I think camp is a good opportunity for people to learn new things they can also learn the 3p’s

For:Camp is fun and we all can have a break from school and no uniform
we play fun games and swimming and it is fair for year 7s and 8s
camp is a way to bring people together we can make new friends or
you can play with your friends you already have

Against:It may cost too much for parents to pay for the camp it’s going to be cold at night waking up too early to cold to swim people can be home
sick something dangerous might happen

My first reason is:I think it isn’t a good idea because people might get sick or are allergic to something and you may get hurt it’s going to be hard when people are trying to go to sleep on the hard ground

My second reason is:Some people may be home -sick  and lie because they don’t want their friends think their a scaredy cat and when


  1. Hi Sapphire,
    You have thought up valid points from both sides. Even though you have argued against the camp you have also given reasons why it might be a good experience. This shows good thought processes. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Sapphire you are good at doing everything keep it up


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