Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My cool Holiday

On Friday after school me and my sister and brother went to a school called Raportaka. We always go there on the weekends to practice netball and rugby.When we got there we did some stretches before we played. First, me and my sister had a game together, one on one.My brother was on my sisters team. He was on my team too. I was bursting into action and it made me feel dehydrated. The game finished, finally time for rugby. I was the defender, my brother Jarreau sprinted so fast, maybe he could be faster than a cheater. Watch out, wack, I fell down. I felt like I just fainted. When I got up my brother said lets go home now, okay I said. When we got home my brother said i don’t think your going to be the best rugby player he said.

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  1. Hey Sapphire,

    Sounds like you had a very active friday night :) I would suggest having a look at some of your sentences think "Does that make sense?" and "Do I need to say that or does it sound like I'm repeating myself?"

    Also your brother sounds like he wants you to prove him wrong keep at it and I'm sure you will :)

    Keep writing, Mr. Hutchings


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