Monday, 14 October 2013

Going To The Beach Writing Sample

Today we had to write a sample in 40 minutes

Going to the beach

Feeling excited, my heart was beating so loud I thought I would EXPLODE thankfully I didn't. Today me and my family were going to the beach, we were going there to swim and find some seafood such as Kinna, Mussels, crab, Fish and other sea food.

We hopped into the car and headed straight for the beach. Finally we were there, I could hear the sound of the ocean. Before we had a swim we went on the rocks, I was standing on a very sharp rock and as I went to climb onto the other rock, I slipped and cut my skin then blood started to rush out of my long terrible cut

I found a huge crab climbing up my leg I flicked the crab off and never mentioned It to my family, finally It was time to go home and we all had some fish n chips.

My Two Goals-Using a variety of questions and showing not telling
Two things that was good in my writing-I had interesting words,My writing makes sense 

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