Monday, 4 November 2013

My First day of primary


Today was the day my heart pounded as loud as the booming bass in a rock band!!! It was such a cold and freezing day that I had goosebumps. I was getting ready when suddenly I  heard my mother knocking on my door. ‘’Hurry up Sapphire we are all waiting,” she shouted.

As I hopped into the car “Click,” went my seat belt.  When I got to school the 8:30 bell had just rung. As we went to the office,I noticed that the office lady was wearing a dress with white kittens on it. ‘’Hello. Welcome to Dominion Road School how may I help you.’’ she said with a gentle voice.

“What class is Sapphire McKay in please?” my Mum asked.

‘’Room 5,’’ she replied

“Thank you,” my Mum said. “Have a nice day.” We went off to look for my class.

Finally we found my class. My legs were so sore it felt like I had just climbed Mt Everest.Frightened and scared as I tugged at my mum’s dress I thought to myself, “ I wonder what my class is going to be like?” My mum left  and I felt abandoned so I hid behind the wall. I could hear my teacher yelling at children just as I was going to walk in. I felt even more frightened. I was just about to run after Mum when  I heard a lady asking for me. ‘’Sorry wrong classroom Sapphire, it was my fault,” she said. “You are in room 6’’.

She walked me to my proper class. As I walked in my classroom it peaceful and quiet I felt like I was in heaven that was the

’’bestest day of my life’’

I said as I was walking home I cant wait until I go back to school.

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