Friday, 28 February 2014

The Ptengland Way

Pt England way
-Home at Pt england way
-What it is

When it started-2000-2001
-Miss Meleisa helped to write the Pt england way

Purpose-Kawa of care

Example Korero
the 3 ps.

The Pt England way is our school motto it means that it is our Kawa with care,So that we all can be safer, happier and glad to learn.

Before the Pt England way was made it was called belonging to Pt england, Ms Meleisa who use to work at this school back in 2000-2001 she helped write the Pt England way.

The 3ps are Participation, Protection and Partnership they are the principals for our School.

The Purpose is to do the right thing by not going out of school grounds
listening to the teacher, Wear it with Pride,Take charge and Tiaki Taonga

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