Monday, 14 April 2014

Fia Fia For 2014

This Wednesday Pt England school had an exciting event called Fia Fia we celebrate Fia Fia every single year last year was awesome but this year its even more AWESOME!!! I was full with excitement I could feel chills go down my spine seeing people stuffing their faces with food walking around with my friends looking for something to buy.

When suddenly I heard something loud ring “Oh time for me to get changed” because I was in two groups I had to go to Kapahaka first so I sprinted off into the resource room to get changed. The boys and girls were separated in different rooms I put on my costume I felt like a true Maori. Whaea Saffron helped me with my feather and also my straps for my costume.

We were performing first. My heart was pounding as loud as a cop's siren my legs were wobbling with fear, I was feeling more anxious than ever. I grabbed my poi and lined up with the others finally it was starting. Tyla introduced us to the stage we then started to perform I was nervous but I still tried my best. We finished performing and I rushed to the library to get changed. I saw Jorja and Timmi. Our tutor helped me also with my hair and feathers she put red lipstick on my cheeks.

Timmi led me and Jorja to the Samoan group I then sat by Mya. I was so bored I didn't notice that Ms Wild was in front of me “OMG I'm so bored who has a phone I want to take some selfies.

I then heard Ms Wild laugh so hard she nearly exploded. Waiting again to perform it was our turn after the Asian group. We all stood up and followed Mose the Samoan boy's tutor as we were waiting for them to finish. Their song ended I began to walk up the stage with confidence and lined up behind Mya. The music began and we all started to dance peacefully all of us had beautiful smiles.

It was the boys turn. Christian in my class twerked and everybody laughed we got heaps of people who put money in the box we all enjoyed Fia fia I'm so sad this is going to be my last year of this special occasion.


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