Friday, 17 May 2013 comes to Pt England

Have you ever heard a group called black eye peas i sat down wondering  this is a mystery i glanced around looking for the special guest to arrive suddenly i glanced around again building excitement everyone started to gasp my heart was pumping as loud as a lion.

The moment has come that everybody has been waiting for here comes all I heard is girls screaming I was surrounded by cameras I was stoked to see that the real is here our mystery guest has  finally revealled himself to Pt England school  

Then the kapahaka group did there cultural dance that’s a good way to represent nz I was so happy after that the senior hip hop dance and I was so excited I couldnt speak 8 other schools came too.

He stood there proudly and spoke in a weird but interesting voice it was like we were waiting for a special moment to come then a well dressed person came in with a huge check was that our check I sat there wondering then william spoke and said in a polite way I and the manai kalani want to give you a big check everyone clapped and cheered they were clapping so hard for a minute i thought i was going deaf  when the special assembly finished I thought it was the bestest day of my life.                                                                               

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