Thursday, 15 May 2014

What is Echolocation

Echolocation is used by Marine mammals such as whales,bats,dolphins and also blind people, They use this to communicate and to know there is an object around them or in front,They use their ears to do this.

How do marine mammals use echolocation?
Most marine mammals emit sound waves, so the sound waves can ricochet off an object. for survival they use echolocation which is also good for finding food. they also communicate with things in the distance by using echolocation just like some blind humans who make certain clicks with their mouths to know their is something in the way just like Ben Underwood.

How does Ben use echolocation?
Ben Underwood can see without eyes he is an 15 yr old teenager, When Ben was 2 yrs old he had a bad type of eye cancer at the age of 3 his mum had to make a tough decision the options were let the cancer spread or to remove his eyes so she made that decision and that was to remove his eyes.

Several years later he had an unbelievable talent he learnt how to use echolocation but how he used echolocation was different from animals he loved to play on his roller blades and play basketball if their was an object in the way he would click with his mouth to know their is something in the way.  

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