Friday, 13 June 2014

Sapphire Writing Sample

I was freezing It felt like I was an ice cube, The sky was dark all I could hear was hail raining down on my window only seeing a little bit of the sun through the clouds Suddenly my Mum came sprinting towards me “Sapphire hurry up and get changed were going to watch shavana’s game in the rain”What you're kidding me right Its freezing outside” I shouted back furiously

“We're going to her game and that's final now hurry up and get changed” I couldn't say word it felt like I lost the words I was going to say,We hopped in the car and speeded away from home leaving my Auntie alone.
After all of the traffic we finally were there the location we've been waiting for It was the Mt Wellington courts, we stepped outside of our van  I could feel my hair stick up on my arms also feeling chills going down my spine, We saw heaps of netball teams but my sister's team was nowhere to be found So we asked the lady at the reception we asked her what court she was on “Court 13” she said with a polite smile.

I was walking around like a maniac trying to look for my sister all I could think of was people in their houses nice and comfortable sipping a hot chocolate while I was out in the cold weather looking for my little sister, My legs were hurting in pain feeling like my legs were going to snap like twigs.

Finally we found her getting changed in the bathrooms Her team was late she only had a little bit of people because the others didn't want to come so they put year 4s in there team I had no hope for them because they've lost every game that they'd played.

After their game finished they were sadly walking to their coach their coach was disappointed that they lost but also happy that they tried there best My clothes were soaking wet the only things that could come out of my mouth was can we go home now we heard a loud sound it was  my sister ‘s stomach it started to howl and growl with hunger we all laughed with happiness  then we went home and had dinner.

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