Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My Holiday 2014

My eyes were half open I was still half asleep I could see a little sun shine, Through the crack of my window, My brother came in and sat on me it felt like I was going to suffocate thankfully I didn't.

I dragged myself to the table my mum was making pancakes, She put a stack of delicious pancakes on my plate and then gave me some hot chocolate, I then grabbed the bottle of whipped cream sprayed it all over I also put maple syrup on top too.

When I was finished I felt like a enormous hippo I had to rush to my room to get changed because I had just remembered it was my cousins birthday today while I was putting a hoodie on I tripped over my shoes and my face fell flat onto the ground.

I wasn't even ready but my mum had started the car “Hurry Up before I leave you at home so that you could give your Nana some company,” As I thought of my Nana the only thing I could think of was knitting with my her, In that moment chills went down my spine “Okay Mum I’ll be there right away.

When we got there we put the delicious and cool present on the table we were so happy that we were out of the heat it was like south Africa but worst, Then my whole family finally arrived we sang happy birthday to my cousin Lucas who was turning 3 yrs old. We cut his cake it was a chocolate cheesecake my aunt brought it from the cheesecake shop.

We then ate we had a barbecue and we also had other foods too, It was time for dessert when we were finished it was time for cake, My cousin
went straight into the cake he stuffed food into his mouth it was like he was a eating machine,Food was gushing out as he was eating.

It was time to go home sadly we walked to the car when we got home it was really late we yawned and stayed up even more later we were up playing games and also watching movies on the computer and laptop.

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