Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Commonwealth Games Questions

1.The first games were held in 1930 where they held and what was it called?
A:Hamilton,Canada, British Empire Games.✓

2.Why have the common wealth games known as ‘The friendly games’?
A:Because the commonwealth games is the only international games which share a common language (English).

3.How many times has scotland hosted the games?

4.What are ten core sports of the commonwealth games?
A:Field Hockey, Lawn bowls, Squash, Aquatics,Weightlifting.

5.What are the seven selected sports in Glasgow
A:Cycling,Gymnastics,Judo,Shooting,Table Tennis,Triathlon and Weightlifting..

6.What country has won the most medals at commonwealth?

7.What country has been in the top two countries for all?
A: England.

8.List the commonwealth games mascots.
A.Clyde the thistle man-Glasgow,Shera a royal bengal tiger-Deli, Karak a south eastern red tail black cockatoo-Melbourne,Kit a cat-Manchester,Wira the orang utan-Kuala Lumpur,Klee wyck an orca (Killer Whale)- Victoria, Goldie the kiwi bird-Auckland,Mac a black Scottie dog-Edinburgh,Matilda the kangaroo-Brisbane,Keyano a swan hills grizzly bear-Edmonton.

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