Friday, 13 December 2013

My Highlights For 2013

My highlights for this year is....

This year has been awesome because I thought my class that I was going to be in would be boring as I planned it but it wasn’t. It was fantastic I made new friend’s the first day I started their name’s were Helen,Sarona and Mya And I have much much more  my teachers were awesome too my friends always have my back.

And how the year 8s went to camp because we went into room 19 it was fun with Ms Tito we baked and played and did much much more only year 7s it was the best until they came back.

I like maths but i’m not very good at it right now i'm in pyramids for my but i'm trying to be in the smartest group Icosahedrons I keep on going to this presentation called tracking my success and it helps me succeed in maths

I'm learning in maths how to Fraction,Decimals and percentages in year 7  


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