Monday, 2 December 2013

School Life In Malawi Mya and Sapphire

12 years old
walks 6 kilometers to school
wakes up 06:00
6:30 the students have to come
They clean up the playground
lessons start 7:00
sing national anthem school mornings.
the students are 12-16 years old
students have exams at the end of the year
they fail because they help their family
They don't have enough books
Most girls stay home to learn how to cook and farm.
Student need to share a textbook between 5 people
many can't afford pencils or pens.
They get 2 brakes. at 8:40 and 10:40 each for 10 minutes
Malawi doesn't have power.

omars parents died when she was younger. she now lives with her grandma and grandpa.
omar and her brothers and sisters sleep on the floor
Omars house has 1 bedroom
Her grandfather sleeps on the bed in there.
in the afternoons omar has to help with the chorus
omar gets water from the village
She walks all the way back to her house with the water bucket on her head.
Her grandfather is sick so he can't work.
When she has finished her chores she plays with her siblings.
Omars favorite sport is netball.
girls play netball and boys play football.
Students go to school at 7:00 pm to study
They sleep in the classroom

Intro: This week we are comparing our lives with a girl named Omar. She is a primary student who lives in Malawi. We recently watched her video about her life., and her school life at Mwaya.

I think we have differnt school lives, because she wakes up at 6:00 to walk to school. We wake up at 7:00 am and some people go to school at 8:00 or 8:30.
She walks 6 kilometers to school on the rocky dusty ground with no shoes., we drive to school.

At her school students are 12-16 years old  , everyone has an exam at the end of the year. If they fail they stay at the school until they pass it , If they pass it they move to secondary school. They have 2 breaks at 8:40 and 10:40 each for 10 minutes.

Some girls stay home to learn how to cook and farm from their mothers, that means they don't have time to study for exams. Its not just the girls its most of the children. They fail because they help their families

Omars life at home is really frustrating because her mother and father died when she was young.She and her brother and sisters has to sleep on the floor while the grampa sleeps on the only bed because hes sick.Omar has to do chores she walks to the well and collects water for her family that is used for bathing,cooking and cleaning

ds go to the school at night time to study for the exam. When its 9:00 they stop studying and sleep at the school.

we both wake up early
we do chores
they sing their national anthem
they study

They farm their food.
they have to clean their school
fetch water out of the well
their plumbing dont work
They have no power.
live so far from school
they walk 6 km
They only eat porridge!
we have big houses
They sleep on the floor
one bed
have no shoes
walks on a rocky dusty road.

We have comfortable shoes unlike omar she has bare feet and has to walk on a rocky dusty road . She has to clean her school every time she gets there.
we have the contrast things as omar here in Nz that we both clean and do chores. But her chores are more difficult than ours. some students study at school unlike people in Nz they can just study at home because they have time.

Similarly to omar we both sing our own national anthem and we study. We also have chores to do everyday. We also do exams when were in college.

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