Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Most Exciting Place That I Didn't Go To

Intro:The day when the year 7’s went to an exciting heart pounding place well I stayed at school was boring.

Today was the day when the year 7s went to Action world well I stayed at school. Me and Ascena had to ask Ms Squires which class we were in, she looked very confused she didn't answer our question until the year 7s left on the bus. It was time for Assembly boring as usual.It was so akward me, Ascena and Elizabeth were the only year 7s and year 8s.

Suddenly out of nowhere out popped Ms Squires which class do you want to be in she asked “which class do you want to be in room 7 ok” Ascena and me buddied up well Elizabeth picked room 8 when the assembly was finished we both went to Ms Glazes class First we had to do breathing exercises then we had to make A movie because Ms Blake is leaving but we had to keep it a secret.

Time to film It was challenging because the little kids from room 2 were playing around
after all that drama we were finally done then we had to put this Astounding movie together It was time for lunch the year 7s were coming back then we had to go back to our intermediate classes We played and danced by the time we finished I was as exhausted as a sleeping sloth because you know sloths sleep a lot. I thought today would be awful but it just turned out okay.

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